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Abacus & Xero AccountingOur Team is Xero Certified and Ready to Help you Grow

Why Xero ?

Here at Abacus we do not believe in 9-5, we believe in offering you a service when you need it, wherever you need it – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It is important for us to maintain a link with our clients so that we are accessible when they need us. We understand the wants and needs of a businesses and we aim to make life that little bit easier for you.
We want businesses to be able to focus on day to day operations and not become drowned in paperwork. Abacus achieves this by providing an impactful accounting service combined with state of the art accounting software, Xero. By doing so we provide our clients with the optimum solutions to their business requirements.
This powerful tool coupled with our guidance helps business owners maintain a tight grip of their finances and accounting requirements.
Lets run your business beautifully
Described as the ‘worlds most beautiful accounting software’, invoicing, bills, purchase orders and reconciliation are only the handful of features which can be accessed through Xero.
“Xero has allowed us to focus on aspects of our business we were not able to before, as a result we are growing!”
“Easy to use and most importantly it was a reliable and safe addition to our business”


Receive payments quicker, accept payments online straight from the invoice to be able to manage your cash flow better and automate invoice payment reminders. The flexibility of Xero will quicken your invoicing by creating bulk invoicing, recurring invoicing and replicating past and inventory items.

Cloud Accounting 

We understand your business does not stop, neither does Xero. Access your accounts whenever and wherever. Xero can be accessed from your Mac, PC, Tablet or Phone. Pay bills, create orders, reconcile from anywhere in the world.

Can’t touch this

All personal information stays private with extra security at login. Whilst you control all the information Xero make sure data is encrypted using industry – standard data encryption, multiple layers of firewall with all access to our data centres and servers controlled and monitored 24/7.

Xero Hub
This will become your go-to. All bills, orders, payments, invoices and much more will be able to be viewed at a glance. The dashboard is there to provide you with a simple and effective way of being able to monitor everything that is going on. From keeping an eye on specific accounts to overseeing funds coming in and out, the Xero dashboard has it covered.

At a glance
Xero will save you from drowning in paperwork, receipts, invoices along with other important documents can be captured by a camera phone and stored in the cloud.

Workplace Pensions

When you reach your staging date, your workforce is automatically assessed for auto enrolment and communication letters are sent to inform them of enrolment or postponement.

We have the right combination between experience and technology at Abacus. Our clients vary from startups to established businesses. Xero helps us provide a navigation tool to help guide new businesses whilst also being able improve the efficiency of long standing businesses.